#iconfessineverread  #blogjune


Taking a leaf out of Rachel’s post and using her list as a start…#iconfessineverread

  • Huckleberry Finn
  • War and Peace
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Ulysses

Although I have read most of the English classics, there are lots of European, Russian, US and Asian *classics* I would like to read. And that’s just the classics to start with.

Rain all day today-I have only been out of the house twice today. Once this morning to let the chooks out (they didn’t really want to come out), and later to lock the chooks back in. Have not had such an physically inactive day like this forever (not counting sickness)…but well needed after super late dinner/wine last night..in bed after 2am!

And this pic from last weekend…in my defence I didn’t know Isabel was taking this pic of me…we were at the fabulous XO restaurant for Jack’s birthday. Iz did my makeup -she is currently studying through the Academy of Makeup in Melbs – a diploma in specialist make-up services. And loving it.


7 Responses to “#iconfessineverread  #blogjune”

  1. 1 S

    You are beautiful! And so is the photo. xo

  2. 3 snail

    That’s a gorgeous shot of you.

  3. A you’re adorable, B you’re so beautiful, C you’re a cutie full of charms…

  1. 1 Confessions of the great unread | Sonja Barfoed

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