Songs our parents… #blogjune


What music did you grow up with? This – ‘the songs our parents gave us‘ – got me thinking.

For me it was classical music…either records or the radio. In fact my parents then got a lot of their favourite records on cassette, and then bought everything all over again on CDs. They still use CDs and still buy them quite often. They have a lovely Bose sound system and like to play their music loud.

And a range of classics…piano concertos, opera, masses…all sorts.

They also had records of people like Cleo Lane. I remember songs like this although I probably never saw Cleo Lane sing. How weird, just thinking now. I can picture Cleo Lane’s face on the LP record covers. But I have possibly not ever see her sing until now trawling through YouTube. How odd!

My parents also had musicals – I remember South Pacific – ‘I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair’  and Godspell and Jesus Christ Super Star. In fact I didn’t know how much I had listened to JCSS until it was the musical at my children’s high school a few years back, and I knew every single word of every song!  And now searching YouTube there appears to be no footage of the 72-74 stage show. But some stills, and not my fave song…but here is a glimpse!

But it will be the classics that I remember and thank my parents for. I might not have always appreciated the music, but I do so more now. I remember that Peer Gynt ‘Hall of the mountain king used to terrify me. I often listen to Classic FM. I love  the piano, cellos, voices, choirs.

I cry. I muse. I love that I have my classical background. In fact I am even almost willing to forgive my father playing loud band music early in the morning. He got a free record with some white goods once and would delight in waking us up to horrid strident band music – I honestly cannot remember the details.

There are many favourites.

This one is special


4 Responses to “Songs our parents… #blogjune”

  1. 1 Teress

    That was beautiful ‘when I am laid in earth’ nice Sunday morning music. I don’t have the classical background, dads wakeup was usually a rousing Johnny Horton. They did love the musicals, Mums favourite was Carosel.
    JCSS was one of my first live shows. Thanks for this post it was a great read and brought some memories :))

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      Looked up Johnny Horton as I had no idea! He died so young! I like a bit of rockabilly, so fun to dance to! thx 🙂

  2. Wonderful blog entry and I loved the link, too. My mother was a great Kathleen Ferrier fan, and also Maria Callas. She herself was an alto, with classical opera training. Her exposition of the way the Beatles transformed pop music with the use of bridges and unusual scansion was informative and inspirational.

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      ah yes- my dad especially is a Kathleen Ferrier fan.thx 🙂

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