Remote access dream #blogjune


Sheeesh #blogjune and I haven’t blogged since last June #blogjune !

In my defence I do now keep a handwritten journal. During 2015 I wrote almost every day, but this year…less so.

Was listening to Life Matters as I was in the car this morning running a few errands before work. Was an interesting discussion about cities and living and how we were fooled into thinking that in the future, in our connected future we would all be on the beach* doing our jobs (*pick your own place of choice). It was more than that of course and I was only in the car for 10 mins or so, so didn’t hear it all but someone said the words ‘remote access dream’.

I do have a remote access dream. In a couple of years I want to be living a remote access dream. Not that remote…down the south coast…a couple of hours away. I want to be engaged, connected and listening to the ocean. But close enough to Canberra, and Melbourne and Sydney that I can get to cities and engage in a personal face to face way when I want.

Do you have a remote access dream?


It’s short. It’s sweet.

I do like Kathryn’s suggestions ‘What to blog about for blogjune?’   and Peta has a list of ideas too.

Me? We’ll see!

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