Volunteering with Canberra Library Tribe: interview with Kate Bunker


A bit of a big fail on #blogjune ….but hopefully something is brewing. Just other stuff happening (even though it IS June)

Canberra Library Tribe

The Canberra Library Tribe is delighted to be participating in #blogjune 2015.

This blogjune post is part of our short series of interviews with people who volunteer in the GLAMR industry (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Records). These stories will highlight the abundance of volunteering opportunities across Canberra, and showcase our local volunteer heroes. You can also find out how to volunteer!

Our second interviewee is Kate Bunker, who volunteers for the Canberra Library Tribe (us! …we are run by a small group of volunteers).

Kate Bunker, volunteer with CLT Kate Bunker, CLT volunteer

Tell us about you and your Canberra Library Tribe volunteer role…

How did it start? Well I guess I was there at the start…an informal meeting around early 2013 of a few library folk who were looking for something more in the Canberra GLAMR world. I guess we took a lot of encouragement from the things that were happening in ALIA Sydney at…

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