“We just have to share, be open and work together” #blogjune


On Saturday I went to the National Museum of Australia and joined the TEDxCanberraWomen 2015 group to watch a delayed broadcast of one of the sessions from TEDWomen 2015. The title was Momentum, and the TED talks were all from the session called ‘surface’ – with the idea being that some ideas simmer below the surface.

Pardis Sabeti – a computational geneticist was the last speaker.

Pardis had worked with lassa virus and in 2014 started working with the Ebola virus. The people that she worked with in Africa often started their day with singing, which she found incongruous at first…but became very much a part of what they did. In the madness of Ebola, when time was so critical – they  sang. Pardis lost colleagues to Ebola.

Working with the Ebola virus meant doing away with traditional publishing. Yay! No time. People all over the world could have worked away on Ebola in silos. But Pardis and her team released information about Ebola and the genetic mutations on the web to enable quicker progress. They released an app so that front line staff could better identify and work with the virus.

Pardis stated that we have the technology and the capability. We just have to share, be open and work together (my notes…may not be a direct quote!).

And we need to do it together with joy and singing.

“Ebola, like all threats to humanity, is fueled by mistrust, by confusion, by distraction, by the walls we build around ourselves. While we fight against ourselves, the virus thrives.” —Pardis Sabeti

I found out while googling Pardis that she also sings in a band- Thousand Days – see Pardis Sabeti, the Rollerblading Rock Star Scientist of Harvard

I don’t as a rule watch a lot of TED videos willingly. Time poor. Church of TED? But invite me to a quick Saturday session to watch some – and I’m there…sometimes.

People are so very inspiring.


Not my best post, but you get my meaning…


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