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Originally posted on Canberra Library Tribe:
The Canberra Library Tribe is delighted to be participating in #blogjune 2015. This blogjune post is part of our short series of interviews with people who volunteer in the GLAMR industry (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Records). These stories will highlight the abundance of volunteering opportunities across Canberra, and showcase…

  I get restless legs. Not often the “restless lying on the couch gotta move legs”….but the restless “I have to walk and walk and walk legs” And walking helps me work through things. I’m not saying it’s my only way of solving problems or working something through…but walking helps! Last week I read the Guardian story […]

More a shameless plug for a competition that my kids and my husband entered in 2007 when they used to watch TG. First time with stop start Lego animation, and a lot of fun!

On Saturday I went to the National Museum of Australia and joined the TEDxCanberraWomen 2015 group to watch a delayed broadcast of one of the sessions from TEDWomen 2015. The title was Momentum, and the TED talks were all from the session called ‘surface’ – with the idea being that some ideas simmer below the […]

My mum has uncontrolled shaking of the hands and face. The diagnosis is …an essential tremor. I find the word essential in this phrase absolutely non-essential as it slowly inhibits her in ways. For my mum has had this tremor for a number of years now…at least 10. The tremor gets worse when she is […]

60 #blogjune


Pinch and a punch and before you know it #blogjune is here. I have already read a few posts and I think a lot of us are on the same page…lots to do, even more these days, and amongst all the busyness… less time for blogging. Why are we even doing this again? These days […]