In between days


Another awful sleep, just so wakeful, but I figure I can go on not much sleep for a bit and be OK. I think I could best sleep from about 4 am to 11 am Portland time, but that just won’t work with a conference starting tomorrow! Perhaps I’ll be in sync the day I leave….

Today I visited The University of Portland, which is a private Catholic, mainly liberal arts university with about 4000 students. It was about 30 mins Max train then bus north along the river. Really lovely campus grounds, lots of old established trees and amazing views of the river and the industry along the river…mainly ship repairs and ….not sure! Industry! I ma enjoying working out how to get places..the trimet planner/app help wonderfully. Once more I am gobsmacked by how good public transport is in other places that are not Australia (reminds me of Shaun Micallef’s ‘news that is not from Australia’). I spend the morning with staff and could have easily spent the day at the library with staff…but it’s not spring break there, and the place was buzzing (and they were having a Japanese library group through in the afternoon). The library spaces were great- a new refurbishment that was about a year old – lots of flexible learning spaces, the collection was all in compactus shelving on the basement floor (it used to take up 70% of all three floors), and most of the furniture and the reference collection shelving was on wheels. They are open 7.30 am to 2am daily and the place seemed to work!

Most of the students live on campus and I was invited to have lunch with the Dean of the Library (equivalent uni librarian?) and had a delicious salad that I picked all the components for, and it was $5! Bargain! Love the sustainable, responsible food and waste practices that I have seen all over Portland. Both Portland State Uni and University of Portland provide water fountains/taps everywhere as no bottled water is sold on campus….and keep cups abound! All good achievable steps.

I was feeling pretty tired and could have easily gone back to my room and slept all afternoon but I have a fear of just being awake all night again, so am not succumbing to that! Instead I found my way downtown to The Portland Art Museum. I wanted to see the Italian Fashion exhibition, which was fine, interesting. But the PMA is one of those places that won’t let you take photos. Why are galleries so black and white about this? It’s either yes or no, and if it’s no – it’s enforced!

I was blown away by ‘The Enclave‘  – I didn’t know anything about this exhibition but I kept seeing signs to “The Enclave” when I was wandering around the PMA. The artist – Richard Moose used a discontinued military film technology to shoot video in the Democratic Republic of Congo, This are has been in civil war since the late 1990s and over 5 million people have been killed. The film….” registers an invisible spectrum of infrared light, rendering the green landscape in vivid hues of lavender, crimson, and hot pink” so imagine footage of soldiers, death, life – a baby being born, village people physically moving a hut, soldiers patrolling and walking through the pink jungle. This was it. It gave everything a fairy tale glow, but watching the 6 screens all at different scenes and views, with foreboding music, and sometimes no music – it was incredibly powerful. And then there were scenes of still water. Different views of water. And singing. I have never sat through an entire video installation, much less one that ran for 39 minutes, but I couldn’t stop watching.

Google it.


Not really having an in between day….but it just came to my head on the bus back from University of Portland , and I’m missing Carl, and The Cure always remind me of Carlo xxx

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