One donut (doughnut) at a time…


Day 2 in Portland started in a strange fashion. Sleepless in Portland doesn’t sound quite right, but that was me. After the brilliant sleep of the night before,  I was (frankly) dismayed to still be awake at 3 am this morning. Wide awake. No hint of tiredness.

So I have spent most of today with low, low energy. But I have walked! Over 11000 steps.

I caught the Maxi downtown to Portland State University and spent a few hours at the library. I really like PSU Library’s website and the *look* of the website, the subject guides and the Library DIY. And they share cool things through their open source initiatives. An interesting city campus – it reminded me a little of the ANU grounds with the mixture of buildings and spaces (and a lot of unis really!).

After PSU I walked down the the Central Library of the Multnomah County Library – which was a busy busy place. I have read over the years about the social impact and value of of public libraries. Public libraries provide access to information through free access to internet, resources and support services to those in the community who may not have this access in any other way. There were certainly a lot of people there who looked like they slept rough, and the washrooms were busy!  I remember that also when we visited the NYPL.

I wondered and wandered around some more. I stumbled upon a block of food carts! Yay. Rachelle had recommended a cart called Korean Twist – and so I ordered a Korean burrito…a soft tortilla with tofu, rice, kimchi, salad and hot sauce. Another amazing food experience! I couldn’t eat it all so stupidly put it in my bag only to find it soaked into my tote a few hours later…Fool!!

And then a walk to more donuts! This time I made it to Blue Star Donuts. Not as many donut choices and no blueberry and basil today – so I went Mexican hot chocolate – which was just divine. A rich chocolate ganache – I admit I was expecting possibly a hint of chilli but it was an amazing chocolate donut (see Blue Star say donut, and Voodoo say doughnut!). I also got a Meyer lemon donut with lime curd which was also pretty pretty good! The donuts on their website all look amazing and I would loved to have sampled others…mmmm

A good thing I am walking…(and I have only had a Korean burrito and two donuts today)…it may sound more the way I go on and on about it! I do need to find more Mexican food also.

It’s early evening, 8pm and it’s been a mainly rainy day…so I am snuggled up with more bad TV and PJs and hoping for sleep soon (ish).

Tomorrow another university library and #acrl2015 is nearly here 🙂

The two donut/doughnut shops both had metal music, hip young staff and delicious donuts…but I may give donuts a miss tomoz..

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