Yeah well! – wotcha gunna do? #blogjune


Bit too much really going on to blog every day, even though I was making great progress – I am the first to admit that the quality was not there…

There are big things looming, and although I am reasonably OK with it all..there is just so much to do.

Easy to hide – I hibernated yesterday because it was just cold and unpleasant. After going to the farmer’s markets in the morning it really was just the very best of days to be inside.

Today was a different day..again inside, but outside first to get inside. We went to Strathnairn for the very first time. Who knew this place existed? It kind of reminded me of Cuppacumbalong – which used to be a lovely home/gallery near Tharwa. Long since closed and now a farmstay!! Strathnairn was lovely and Jo’s ceramics were just the best – beautiful, quite delicate, almost ethereal – and I say that in spite of the fact that she was the only artist I knew in the Claybodies exhibition.

Then onto the National Museum of Australia – a place I have more than just a passing interest I did PD there when at uni and thinking that the library there would be a most excellent place to work – in the end there were just no opportunities… I hadn’t been to the permanent exhibition for a long time, and really enjoyed it…didn’t even get to bark artists exhibition…although I have heard great things.

so a really lovely day out n about…

2 Responses to “Yeah well! – wotcha gunna do? #blogjune”

  1. Strathnairn is literally around the corner from my family home and none of us has ever been there…weirdly we used to go to Cupacumbalong (and Lanyon) ALL the time and that’s clear on the other side of town LOL…

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      lol, well you would have been paid out even more than we were by the guide!!
      Quite lovely- they even have a pizza oven for Sunday lunch pizzas.
      Lovely gardens and cafe. Artists studios and a foundry.
      Worth a visit.
      Cuppacumbalong is closed now, but oyu can rent as accomodation. Love that place.

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