Sweet dreaming #blogjune


It’s all happening.

Carl may be out of work as quickly as mid July, so he is doing lots of preparation before becoming a *sole trader*.

Meanwhile we’ve been adding reservations to our trip…# still undecided 🙂

We don’t want to book everything, but we have a dropbox doc with a rough itinerary with flights and the fixed events – like the Catalonia Rally. Accommodation that we still need to look at is highlighted in yellow, and we remove the highlights when we have sorted out the accommodation.

I can’t remember what I have already said we have booked (and I know I could check past posts), but so far we have booked Hong Kong, the first 4 nights in Istanbul, 10 nights in Bloomsbury, 4 nights in Bath and 4 nights in Barcelona.

airbnb is just great, such an amazing resource. Doing a lot of planning through there. That and just googling stuff and flicking through library lonely planets and rough guides – my dreams are just chock full of travel destinations these days.

so here’s hoping your dreams are sweet also xx

PS don’t fret – although lots is planned, there is still so much time and opportunity for adventure and spontaneity…

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