Oh Brasil! #blogjune


Jack headed off to Sydney this evening on his way to Brasil for a month. Off travelling with a mate – I realise how little I know about Brasil or even South America! Brasil is humungeous! Sometimes I feel so ignorant of the world!

So I printed out this map and asked Jack to let me know where he is travelling. He and Simon have tickets to a few matches, and will be travelling around between Sao Paulo (they fly in and out of there from LAX), Curitiba, Rio and Belo Horizonte, and will possibly get to Brasilia – the capital. Oh, and also to Salvador.


I think they have some accomodation booked, but they intend couch surfing – I’m just ignoring that part. Plans are a little loose, unformed. Actually a whole bunch of their plans are vague…it was a rushed 30 minutes this afternoon as he had a yellow fever injection at the doctors before getting on a bus for Sydney. Apparently the day was busy getting an online visa for transiting in LA, and checking in and finding their tickets weren’t there…you know, just the normal travelling. Sheesh. I am exhausted.
But missing him already.
Honestly this parenting lark never changes, and I love it so.



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