A pewter vase #blogjune




My parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next month. In this photo Dad is 23 and mum is 21.

We have a weekend of festivities planned at Currarong- kind of close to Canberra, Bowral and Sydney.

Hoping to get a wedding cake made that sort of resembles this one…

The nice thing about planning this is talking to mum and dad about it all…when I was in Bowral yesterday I managed to grab their wedding photograph album. The wedding album consists of about 8 black and white images  which I will scan. Being black and white I had to check details like…colour of roses (deep yellow), colour of bridesmaids dresses – they were a rainbow – one bridesmaid wore pale blue, one mauve, one lemon and the other pink! Mum’s dress is taffeta with Swiss lace on the arms.

I was hoping that some of this would be a surprise for M&D – but they do know I have the album. What they don’t know is the other details, like the cake and the congratulatory message that I am arranging through It’s an honour. Not getting a message from T Abbott though – I know that M&D would be very annoyed if I did.

Mum and dad have always maintained that their wedding anniversary is their affair – after all – none of us kids were around…but this is a lovely excuse for a weekend with family and friends. And they are getting excited.

PS – the pewter vase is on top of the cake. And I do have that. Mum doesn’t know, but dad got it for me – it was in a box in the garage….



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