Saturdays suit me #blogjune


Yep. They do.
Lovely day.
It started with World Cup football from 7.30. It was a good game. In truth, Australia was never going to win, but the Socceroos played well, especially in the second half and it would have been nice to have a 2-1 final score. That would have been nice. Let’s ignore that last Chilean goal 🙂 I was super impressed by all the Chileans singing their national anthem. They were all singing along with the music, which then stopped and the Chileans sang on…..
Then a bit of housework…vacuuming while Carl cleaned up stuff. I do love clean floors. I admit! We have two dogs and the tumbleweed of dog hair and dust can get out of hand, especially when we skip a weekend or two….
Then a walk to the local shops and home for reading and pottering….am doing some knitting for the Arboretum.
And I made chicken soup from scratch…and a shredded coconut loaf, and now I’m sitting having a beer watching Carl prepare dinner. Candles are lit and music is playing….

So not a lot happened I guess you would say.
But a restorative day…

Oh, and we booked Hong Kong accommodation.

And yay for Elizabeth’s crowd sourced fundraiser – over $4000.
Excellent 🙂

So a slightly solitary day in a way – but mainly spent with my best mate xx


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