Hong Kong recommendations? #blogjune


I have never been to Hong Kong.


Have always flown through other cities like Bangkok or Singapore.

So, we are spending three nights in HK – not long I know…but what to do?

We will stay right in the heart of it (is there any other place to stay in HK?) Possibly at the YWCA which was recently recommended to me. But open to other ideas on this.

In researching (OK- googling) I find…

I want to….

  • go to markets, including the night markets (but I don’t want to buy up on electronics, watches etc!)
  • go on the harbour
  • get a real sense of the city
  • use the public transport
  • eat yum cha
  • temples? gardens? galleries?

But other recommendations, hints, tips are most welcome 🙂

Beware of men in caps

Beware of men in caps




4 Responses to “Hong Kong recommendations? #blogjune”

  1. I’d avoid the major shopping malls (they’re everywhere and they’re all the same!), the mid-level escalators are excellent way to explore Central and surrounds. Star Ferry is a must!

    To get a real sense of the city, check out Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, don’t forget to walk down the alley way Granville Circuit, you will find the old and ugly Rise Commercial Building, it’s a treasure trove packed with small and independent shops. On Granville Road there’s a old restaurant called Tai Ping Koon http://www.taipingkoon.com, I love this place for its history, they serve “western” dishes using Chinese ingredients. Very interesting – nostalgic for those of us who grew up in the city 🙂

    Xin Dau Ji in Jordan is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants, they take bookings. You can see from the shop front how they cook their famous suckling pigs (yum yum yum!). They also do the best sweet and sour pork, you’ll never want to eat sweet and sour pork in Australia again 🙂

    Lin Heung Tea House in Central is another old and historic dim sum tea house. They still do old fashion dim sum, and they serve tea in traditional tea cup as teapots, very tricky, you just pour all your tea on the table rather than the cup!!

    Hope you enjoy you stay 🙂

  2. 3 Tony

    The Salisbury YMCA is also a good hotel, at the bottom tip of Kowloon. Best bit is when you get the shuttle from the airport express you say you’re going to the ritzy Peninsula (and then quietly walk across the road). From there you can take the ferry across to either Central or Wan Chai/Causeway Bay.

    A trip up to Sha Tin is fun, There’s the HK Heritage museum and the 10,000 buddhas temple and a Snoopy fun park on top of the shopping centre (though perhaps that’s more us than you).

    We went up to the Peak on the tram in the daytime on a lovely blue sky day but I’d love to go again in the evening. There’s are nice strolls around the Peak too. I think Hong Kong is great, I’m sure you’ll have fun!

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      Thanks Tony – exactly the type of info I’m after….cheers

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