I’m here now #blogjune


I love looking back.
I am big on nostalgia.
And I love to plan things ahead….trips, weekends away, a special walk, a meal
Past and future. They are both fun in their own ways.

The hardest place to be is in the now. In the present. But it’s the one real place.
Was thinking about that while having a quick late afternoon walk along the beach and just got back and read Grandmaster
Flash – “I enjoy the wisdom with comes with getting older” http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/may/31/grandmaster-flash-this-much-i-know?CMP=ema_632 and he said it….”being in the moment is what it’s all about….”

A quick start to #blogjune

2 Responses to “I’m here now #blogjune”

  1. something i’m thinking about a lot at the moment: i’m stocking up on books about mindfulness.

  2. My most mindful times are when I am creating art and totally absorbed in when I am doing, Enjoy #blogjune-ing.

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