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Bit too much really going on to blog every day, even though I was making great progress – I am the first to admit that the quality was not there… There are big things looming, and although I am reasonably OK with it all..there is just so much to do. Easy to hide – I […]

Been an interesting day. Gotta say dismayed by the Peter Greste (and the two other journalists) decision. Miserable weather and I got soaked even on my short ride home this evening. Some big projects at work. And possibly a decision or proposal about something…. Carl is away interstate for the evening and Jack seems far […]

It’s all happening. Carl may be out of work as quickly as mid July, so he is doing lots of preparation before becoming a *sole trader*. Meanwhile we’ve been adding reservations to our trip…# still undecided ­čÖé We don’t want to book everything, but we have a dropbox doc with a rough itinerary with flights […]

Love the solstice, both summer and winter. For each day now will be imperceptibly longer. Short post for the shortest day. Xx

no – not rocks… or reading… or even nice red things… But news just this afternoon that Carl’s voluntary redundancy has been accepted…is it a moot point that his whole area was abolished and he really had no choice?? A huge change, but one we are both viewing in a positive light. Onwards, upwards – […]

Always liked this pic. Dunno why. I reckon I last wore that tshirt in 2002, although I still have it. Been spending some nice time in the evenings planning accommodation in Hong Kong (went with the Y in Salisbury Tony!). Have a gorgeous place in Bloomsbury/London for 10 days and another lovely place in Bath […]

From What your Facebook posts say about your personality┬á– well probably not a whole lot as I don’t tend to post very often at all. Facebook is not the stream of consciousness for me that I know it is for some. I tend to choose quite carefully what I post on FB. Interesting too the […]