Well???….. (said in that Samantha from Bewitched quizzical way)…things are firming up I guess.

Carl has learned this week that he probably doesn’t have a job, which does mean a package and then the search for work and new beginnings. Bit scary, but I think we’ll be OK. It’s all bad timing of course, but when on earth is anything like this a good time. We will still go away, but for 3 months and not 4, which means coming back late November – a pretty awful time to look for work really….but that’s just how it goes…And not even sure when it’s all happening – the timing of it all – that’s an unknown.

So what are his options/plans to date????

well???…(again with the Samantha quizzical way)- his ideas are….part time photography, part time driver, and maker of Centurion tray tables – (google it!)(he has to work out how to bend ply….but he is onto that!). So part-time driving for money (and he just loves to drive), and the rest lots of time for lovely creative pursuits….

The scary stuff is the money side. While we are living pretty well and saving for overseas…it’s the whole working out the package, what to do with the money and superannuation, tax, blah, blah, blah. We are both pretty hopeless at this sort of thing so that’s the bit we need to work on.

I went for a walk this afternoon – just me and the dogs, and you know what – a thought came to my head – “my heart is singing” – and that’s how I felt. I think we both feel a little better this week just knowing that things are going to change and that is OK – the uncertainty was the hard bit I think. And whilst there are a bunch of still big unknowns…we know things are changing, and happening, and that we will get through.

Lots of lovely things to look forward to…

  • a weekend down at Broulee next weekend with my lovely Canberra camping mums (that’s the best way to describe them I guess…although I think I knew most of them prior to that…preschool??)
  • the following weekend at Huskisson with Laura
  • the following weekend Rhonda is coming to stay
  • a weekend in July with the extended Bunkers for mum and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary in Currarong
  • and then 3 months away with my most gorgeous, bestest friend in the world xxx


…don’t get me started on the budget, on the Abbott government. Honestly I despair at this government. I cannot believe the treatment of refugees and the poor, young, old, sick, unemployed…almost everyone except the rich and privileged. It is so depressing. I really have to do something. Not sure what though.

Well I googled Samantha saying well??? – and got this not-so-good soundbite…but I hope you know what I’m on about…



2 Responses to “Well???”

  1. 1 Penny

    I agree – it’s the uncertainty that gets you the most. Change can be approached with more equaminity when it is able to be faced as a known quantity.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      very true- have been a lot happier since we have known (although still not 100%- has yet to have the letter!)…the uncertainty was really hard!

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