Been pretty quiet these last few weeks. Mainly deliberately. Can you have a mainly deliberately?

Easter was quite lovely with a couple of walks in Namadgi. Who knew there was rock art to see in the ACT? The weather is quite lovely. Autumn in Canberra – have I mentioned it before??

I really could work 4 9-10 hour days and have a permanent 3 day weekend. I wonder if I could??

Also planted a pink crepe myrtle for Alison, replaced one of my camellias, planted a fig. Did some gardening, emptied some compost bins, mulched part of the front garden. Sorted through our walk in wardrobe which was feral. Rearranged the lounge room a little.

And I have been switching off and reading. I think I have read more books in the past month than I have read in the last couple of years. As well as my book group book (The Houskeeper and the professor – which I will give to Jack), I have been reading Henning Mankell – one of the Wallender series and a couple of others. And ‘Gone Girl‘, and I have just picked up a few more books to read from the library including ‘Destroying the joint‘. Enjoying listening to The Moth – podcast. Stories told live, without notes. Great storytelling. Real stories. Life, live stories. Some just so powerful…for example, the simpleness, the poignancy of a story such as ‘Finally we agree’

And knitting…still dish cloths, wash cloths – call them what you will. Finding some different designs and trying them out. I have quite a pile now…and may in fact make up some into throw rugs. Also still experimenting with crocheting – mainly squares and flowers…with some projects in mind. Cooked a mean fish curry.

Also trying to get to the gym just a little more. Once or twice a week is good, but not great, and this week it’s been reasonably easy to work around getting to the gym for 4 sessions – one body balance, two pump and a step class. Trying to cycle whenever possible. Because Carl is walking approx 10km to work and back each day he is not that keen on walking first up in the morning, and it’s been too easy for me to turn over in bed and spend a few more minutes dozing, or in fact – get in to work early. And the dogs are aging, so not so worried if they are not walked every day. So…more gym, more cycling, more walking – all that I can. But not beating myself up when I don’t. Just want to get into better shape for our holiday away. Only bad thing about the gym is the dreadful music that gets stuck in my head!

Not a lot of news with Carl’s job – still unknown whether he has a job…but possibly looking more likely that he will? Who knows? I type this and it could all change. And apparently if he does survive the *spill* there is then the real problem of feeling guilty because you survived and have a job. I know so much of life isn’t certain, but it’s scary when your fate is decided by idiots. Everyone wants some kind of control over their life don’t they?

So travel plans have not changed yet- but I suspect that we may lessen our trip and go for 3 and not 4 months- still a lovely amount of time, but honestly – two months ago, we were making plans – now they seem on hold while we wait and see so we try not to talk about it too much. The west coast of USA will wait for another trip. And there will be loads more trips – Japan, India, US, UK and Ireland! And more.

Work is OK – not brilliant – but I do my job. More than my job mostly, so no-one can complain – but … (well that ellipsis is telling!!).

I found some notes from our 2011 NZ holiday and I still have notes from Ubud, and I still have photos to describe!!  You look aorund and there is always stuff to do.

So …quietly, mainly deliberately quietly it is.


One Response to “Quietly…”

  1. Ah Namadgi. Fond memories of damper with the children and also viewing the rock art. Canberra is full of hidden treasures.
    Your quiet time sounds rather hectic. You are managing to fit in heaps along with working full time.

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