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Been pretty quiet these last few weeks. Mainly deliberately. Can you have a mainly deliberately? Easter was quite lovely with a couple of walks in Namadgi. Who knew there was rock art to see in the ACT? The weather is quite lovely. Autumn in Canberra – have I mentioned it before?? I really could work […]

I think this is just brilliant. As was Chrissie As are all these great women Cancer sucks. So check your breasts. Have a pap smear regularly. Don’t smoke. xx

At a loss


Today marks the day my oldest sister Alison died from breast cancer…18 years ago. 18 years is a lifetime. Isabel’s lifetime. Jack’s lifetime. It does seem so long ago now…she would be 58 this year. I can still recall the final days so clearly. I can still recall other shared times so very clearly. I […]