Hey, there is a # for that…


Plans. Plans.

Been a busy-ish start to the year so far.

For the first time ever (I think!) I worked all through January, without taking off the traditional week or so to go group camping. This was for a couple of reasons…I was acting in another job for six weeks over the Christmas/New Year/January time and gave a commitment not to take leave. So it was just the university down time over Christmas- which let’s face it is a good break just in itself. I also decided not to take leave so that I would bank up my leave to take later in the year….

Well the acting job was a lot of fun.  For the first time in years I was back again managing a team of people, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Lots of communication, lots of planning, just talking things through helped a lot. I felt that the six weeks went quite well and I had some lovely comments and feedback from the staff when I finished.

Carl and I also managed to get to group camping for the three day Australia Day long weekend and that also was wonderful. It was so nice being able to instantly unwind and be with such a wonderful group of friends. The weather was great. Only missing in the three days was some waves to catch but the ocean was just beautiful if a little flat! Carl took hundreds of photos – which he edited down to a couple of hundred! And I finally got to meet Arkie…Laura’s grandchild and a lovely boy!

Then it was to VALA2014  and Melbourne for a week which was great as well [still digesting it all to be honest!, but I have to give a short presentation next month so there will be more on this].

But in among all of this, and there is a lot happening, Carl and I are really getting down to planning our long trip that we will do from September this year…

Yep –  our flights are booked and paid for.

We leave Sydney 1 September, a couple of nights in Hong Kong, and then Istanbul > Warsaw > Berlin > London > Spain > Morocco > New York > West coast of US and then we fly out of Vancouver on 17 December, arriving back in Sydney on Friday 19 December, just in time for Christmas. So that’s just the short version. Lots more detail to fill in of course. Sixteen weeks away.

So loads of reading and planning and booking and talking, and it is just so exciting!!!

Sometimes I get worried that I am focusing too much on September and all that brings, but there is lots to look forward to before we even get on the plane.

  • Isabel starts uni this week – Bachelor in Creative Writing – and it’s so lovely to see her so incredibly excited about it all
  • Jack starts third year uni, and he is off to Brazil for a month in June for the World Cup
  • a week away at the coast in Narooma in March
  • some long weekends in Broulee and Huskisson
  • a family weekend away to celebrate mum and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary in July

So such a great year ahead, and it’s already been a great 2014….

so, my question is…when overseas, there will be a hashtag # for that, but what will it be?

#KatenCarlsexcellentadventure um, too long

#os2014 um, too short, not descriptive enough

will work on it!!


Early one morning in the tent at Booderee. No glasses, just smiles.

Early one morning in the tent at Booderee.
No glasses, just smiles.

2 Responses to “Hey, there is a # for that…”

  1. 1 Penny

    oo exciting! Giggled like a 14 year old at the first hashtag with “sexcellent” in it. #howIreadit

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      lol, and I didn’t even see that! Was more worried that you can’t do an apostrophe in a hashtag 🙂

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