Flexible. strong, resilient.


Was always going to be a hectic week…..having rushed out of work early to get home to take Iz and Philip to “prees” – that’s pre formal drinks if you didn’t know. A couple of hours at Anne’s house with a bunch of nervous year 12s looking glamorous and gorgeous…then off to old Parliament house for “arrivals” and photos.
Return home many hours later, check phone to missed calls galore….dad has had his MRI today and was rushed to hospital to have immediate surgery, either tonight or tomorrow – to ‘plate’ the femur. Calls to mum (out at hospital) and she doesn’t have or do mobile….calls to Sarah who is going up to Bowral tomoz, calls to Max to let him know……then collapse onto the couch with a gin and tonic. Evening is cooling down. All will be OK.
Flexible. Strong. Resilient. Like that better than my first title for this post which was. – crap, shit, manic….
That’s the aim.

2 Responses to “Flexible. strong, resilient.”

  1. 1 bookgrrl

    Here’s to gin 🙂 Hope your dad is ok x

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      Thanks, heard later on that his operation went well. Mum is off to see him this morning. My sister also. I’ll head over to Bowral on the weekend….

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