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It’s New Year’s Eve, and we are off later to a party, curries, bubbles and dancing. So a quick post while I relax. Can’t begin really to recount the year – I need to look through posts and images and reflect on 2013 some more. But in the meantime, ta da…a list…and a book list- […]

Christmas this year was always going to be a little strange. No Jack who is still in Nepal. A slight sense of relief that the mad week of Isabel turning 18 is all over (it all went so well …), and the relief that comes with the end of a pretty busy work year. Working […]

Was always going to be a hectic week…..having rushed out of work early to get home to take Iz and Philip to “prees” – that’s pre formal drinks if you didn’t know. A couple of hours at Anne’s house with a bunch of nervous year 12s looking glamorous and gorgeous…then off to old Parliament house […]



Big week coming up. Isabel is 18 tomorrow. 18. Tomorrow. [She has already confirmed that she still wants to come into bed with us in the morning…a birthday tradition, when we open cards and presents and take daggy photos….after all Jack still does it at 20!] Then on Tuesday she has her Year 12 formal. […]

Got lots of posts in draft and I have been super quiet of late…but why? ‘Cos I’m not super excited about blogging on iPad mini or phone…and I hardly ever get to a laptop at home. But I shall perservere! But also because I find everything so noisy just at present. I am not a […]