Takeaways…(module 12)


What are you taking away from the Hyperlinked Library MOOC?

random thoughts:

  • that it’s OK to let the heart drive change, be a part of what I do professionally. I have never had this articulated in any type of learning/lecture/reading…
  • seek meaningful relationships with our users (hate that word but insert your own…users, patrons, students, …), being transparent, being kind, giving people opportunities to create, explore, experience, and being there to help, guide, share.
  • but plan, articulate, collaborate…
  • sometimes it’s the seemingly little, yet really meaningful things- like signage – be kind with signage!
  • learning is everywhere, wherever, whenever
  • transformative learning: an active process – thought, insight, disposition – this is where the heart comes into our learning and practice
  • yoga teachers talk about ‘your yoga practice’ and I want to articulate my professional goals, mission as my practice.
  • we are about open, participatory user services that focus on human connections, on conversations stories…
  • planning (again), but look forward to make things happen – this is how I need to view planning!
  • I welcome transparency đŸ™‚

these are not all takeaways…a lot of this is known to me, but it’s been fun teasing it out more and thinking about the application to my practice

and none of this stands still…nor should it, and nor should we…


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