Ah reflection, how I love thee….(module 11)



Not sure if the MOOC has triggered some sort of crisis in my own professional practice, or if it was coming anyway? (not looking for blame here…)

I am sure what I need is to articulate my goals, my mission as far as library practice.

I have already moved heavily into MOOC reflection space.

I just loved this lecture – in fact I said that as my status last week:

“Just watched Michael’s mod 11 lecture. This is what we are about. Best lecture ever. So grateful. Right now. Present in this amazing MOOC :) “

I am going to write some of Michael’s points from the lecture here and then comment about my practice and intentions.

What can we do? What can I do?

be transparent: initials on tweets is happening, and I want to ramp up our Twitter profile with pics of the contributors – like Christchurch City Library twitter page. Images on library website? Start with our LibGuides pages.

break down barriers: need to start acting, not just thinking about being more strategic at work. Our library is large and dispersed as is our university. Relationships, collaboration, keep talking in a range of spaces! That takes me out of my comfort zone a little (lot)…but v important. Have had some great wins here recently with organising some training….

not be mean with signage: I don’t get to all campuses libraries that often and this is not my domain, but I can influence others?, continue to point out? do a mini audit, pick key people on campus libraries to be involved in this? My section does look at communication & publicity, so on reflection – this is my area! Just need to tread carefully in this space.

practice radical trust: with users, with colleagues – I can do this. I can be judgmental. I can be quick to criticize. V quick.  But getting better at this, just by taking a deep breathe, putting replies in draft – working through issues and ideas and not being so quick to respond! I have this other issue with being super quick to respond to email, inquiries, issues- sometimes at my own peril.

map your strategy: yes!! And a great time of year to do this..end of year. And I am having a face to face with my team this week, that planning will determine my individual planning. I can do this. I know that by writing things down this commits me to a course of action.

let your core values guide everything that you do: so need to write these down. I never have before. But I will. And it will be up on my whiteboard by 1 December!

stories have power: I know. I love stories. Stories can transform, be so powerful. I intend using stories more in blogging for work, and in social media….

extend the mission: our mission, my mission. Again – my library mission is articulated, but  what is my own personal library mission?

evaluate/measure progress: need to get a bit real on this. My library management talks about acting more as a business, keeping the stats, reporting….and I need to be able to be comfortable in that environment and just..do it !

watch the horizon/trend spotting: part of my job and a part I do enjoy…I am not so good at applying trends or tools/tech to our library, but have a great team who help me with this. Relationships matter. People matter. Keeping up to date matters!

learn always: yes!

be nimble, be quick: have personally struggled with this one this year, as I have fought (often just in my head) with procedures and processes in my library which I think are contrary to this…but lately I have realised that I need to work in with this, rather than just fight against it. Small wins are sometimes all you can get. That’s OK.

have fun: will do! I am a big believer in rewards along the way 🙂

make some mistakes: yes! But no regrets!

look for connections: always, and in unexpected places and spaces….

develop your PLN: Twitter used to be it. Increasingly now I dip in and out – but my PLN has enabled deeper connections….meeting people F2F after connecting through Twitter or FB. And it’s a constant moving swell or stream. And the word ‘develop’ to me means constant shifting, changing, tweaking…a continuum.

involve your users every step of the way: and they are there present in your/their/our journey.

be creative: I am one of those people who thinks I am not incredibly creative, but can see it in others. But I am and that realisation has been slow in coming for me…almost a modesty thing? But I am creative in … my house, gardening, arranging (my office, my house…collections), my photos, my knitting (this is a recent re-acquaintance after many years!)

be human: I cannot add to that. we are.

be kind: yes. kind to others, and importantly kind to ourselves.

take risks: a useful reminder that we don’t have to be our stereotypes!

find balance: I think I get the balance right- although I don’t think it’s always about balance, sometimes there is more emphasis on one thing than another. Shifting.

bring your heart with you: this fills me with joy! I just love how this MOOC has articulated this for me….And how wonderful tat this is IN the syllabus 🙂

let the heart drive change – show kindness: we cannot lose with this overarching mantra!

do a google image search for hyperlib MOOC and what do you get?



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