Restless learning… (or module 10)


I realise (yet again) while listening and watching Michael, Peter and Char in this module that it is the human faces, the relationships, the passion, the exposure to people who “know their stuff” and are passionate about it all – this is what engages and motivates me. Not groundbreaking, but my motivation for doing and being in this space.

Learning momentum, of which Michael speaks is really important. I have initiated and facilitated five learning 2.0 programs in my workplace, and cringe when I occasionally hear people say “when are you going to run another program?” or (worse) “you are so lucky having time to learn learn stuff”. Admittedly it is not often. We know that people who do the learning 2.0 programs become more confident in learning and engaging and playing more. I love Michael’s mantra “learn always” – I am going to use that as my response! The learning 2.0 programs are transformative – they certainly transformed my learning…and it is taking that further, ever moving and learning….and often for me, a restless space. But ever moving (I hope!). Sometimes a lack of focus can be a problem for me.

My library continues to explore different ways of providing learning opportunities and spaces and places. Perhaps I should advocate for an online journal club or a one hour per week dedicated “distraction free time” and build that in to our personal PDPs – which are our personal development plans….

Here is my paper from ALIA Biennial of 2012 “Ninety-two things and counting…the past present and future of the 23Things @ACU Library program”.

I am not a good finisher. I love the presenting, the training, the facilitating. I am not good at assessing, at writing the final report. Perhaps I need to work more with others? Involve people who do that part of it better than me? I am not a good delegator so then end up getting burnt out or stressed.

I loved hearing Char’s final comments on reflective practice. Staying present. Being aware. And interesting too, that in yoga (something I love) – one talks of “practice” as well. Being aware, staying present. Engaged.

This stuff resonates.

A random reflective post on learning….


2 Responses to “Restless learning… (or module 10)”

  1. 1 Cath Sheard

    I have a question. You say you’re not good at finishing – the evaluations, reports etc. What would be the worst outcome if you just *didn’t bother*? You KNOW Learning 2.0 programs work, so unless you have a funding issue or whatever, is there a tangible benefit to writing a report? Devil’s advocate time 😉

    • 2 Kate Bunker

      good point. It’s *other* reports I am not so good at. But I use a type of Pomodoro method when doing this type of stuff and that seems to help!

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