MOOCing to the beat of (module 8)


In true fashion I appear to have skipped onto module 8 – the breather module.

I really do need to finish my post for module 7 AND do my social media guidelines for an assignment.

But I have been taking a breather, a long breather some might say.

  • six nights in Ubud, Bali with five women from my bookgroup, including a day at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Photos at my Flickr page, but I still have to upload more phone photos and describe and tag them all!
  • two nights last weekend spent on the south coast of NSW at Broulee
  • and this weekend I go and visit a girlfriend who lives even further down the south coast of NSW at Merimbula.

My aim for the rest of this breather week, is to

  • definitely read some blogs – have not done this enough at all!

  • do some more MOOCing of my own, and

  • breathe

Taman Sakti
L-R Me,Kath, Kate, Ele, Jude and Melissa at the entrance to our villas at Taman Sakti, Ubud, Bali.


2 Responses to “MOOCing to the beat of (module 8)”

  1. 1 Freya

    Wow! You look like you’re living life to the full, which is just fantastic. V jealous of your itinerary – we had family growing up based in Merimbula – a pretty part of the world. I too am in crazy catch up mode, sadly not owing to anything as nice as being in Ubud 😦

    • 2 Kate Bunker

      Thanks. Sitting listening to bellbirds overlooking the lake at Merimbula while I type this 🙂

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