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In true fashion I appear to have skipped onto module 8 – the breather module. I really do need to finish my post for module 7 AND do my social media guidelines for an assignment. But I have been taking a breather, a long breather some might say. six nights in Ubud, Bali with five […]

I have to say right from the very beginning that I am awe of seeing Aaron with his gmail account that is – oh wow. Nothing more to say, move along now…. * that’s the envy part of my post 🙂 The first article I read was the one from Aaron about the stapler […]

Another great module. Mobile. And it it so true, video doesn’t have to be perfect, or long. Jan is a living example of bringing the information to the people, where ever they are – and where ever he is (I have paraphrased his opening words!). Moose coolness 🙂 I won’t forget that! From the readings […]

 I said a very quick hello here in the spirit of transparency, but don’t seem to be able to embed YouTube into this blog, so will link to it instead…Kate in #hyperlibmooc land * 14 Oct see below- now successfully embedded thanks to Peta 🙂 I sound so Australian which is always interesting as my […]

Ah the ‘p’ word. It is kind of my nemesis in a way. Yes I do plan. I plan a lot of things. My father even a town planner. But I don’t know how well I plan to make things happen at work. I think I need to be more strategic in my planning! My […]

The key word for me in this topic ‘engaging hyperlinked library communities‘ is engaging, and that’s the part that I need to work on in my job. In Kyle’s lecture he asked us to link out to great models of community engagement, and I want to share a few local, Australian examples that I consider […]