Having had a super busy week & then a long weekend  is just brilliant.

Work is slightly hectic and I am still trying to really work out why….Sometimes I worry that I am not managing my projects properly but then things come up that I just cannot plan for, and part of that is just accepting that, dealing with it, and moving on. For instance this week I found myself caught up for almost a whole day with a campus workplace complaint matter . Something completely unanticipated but it had to be dealt with that day – so all my other work plans went out the window. Frustrating, but, yes you do have to move on…

But a week of riches and resonance in lots of ways.

Movies with Carl on Monday to see ‘The Turning‘. I really enjoyed so many of the 17 short movies, but found the whole evening, although there was an intermission – quite a lot to take in. Definitely the sort of movie to think about after…I also liked the way the producers wanted to make it more of a theatre experience, there was an intermission and you received a 40 page program booklet with your ticket.

Wednesday evening was Floriade Nightfest with Carl and Isabel.

Excellent news on waking during the week to find out that Sonja and her partner James had married while holidaying in Hawaii.

Friday night, again out, and a totally different experience. The book launch for ‘Head full of flames‘ all about Canberra Punk 1977-1992. I was in Canberra during that early time and part of the scene. We moved up to Sydney in 1980, but returned often during the 80s to Canberra.  Missed the actual book launch/exhibition opening as was running late but saw the exhibition and caught up with a few people who had traveled to be there. It was fun, great to see the very hard work of the editors and everyone who contributed. What an amazing achievement and the book is humongous!!

Saturday night saw me dancing to three bands in a nostalgic evening – review ‘punks come screaming back‘ I danced until the end and put myself (quite sober I will state!) into a taxi at 2.30am. I did talk to a couple of people that I had not seen in 30 years?? Really wonderful. A celebration of being alive. A celebration of a time past that was such an important time for me.

I did tweet on Saturday morning – “Running late. Listening to #divinyls & thinking of all the beautiful people that are no longer with us but all around us. Reunions bring…” I get sad thinking about Jeremy and Alison and others not being here, what I feel sad about these days is them missing out on the wonderful things that are happening right now …Hoping they are around, listening in.

I finished ‘Sinning across Spain’ must listen to this

Planning for six nights in Ubud with five of my bookgroup buddies. I can hardly believe that this time next week I will be there.

So life is good right now for me. Wonderful. There is so much beauty and wonderment.


And yep- I have this resonance down to an art… ‘the ability to evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotion’

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