I say small steps and then I try for a marathon :(


I seem to be at this place where I am reluctant to post because I want to read a bit more, and a bit more, before I post. So I don’t post, and that’s just not getting me anywhere.

This will change! From now 🙂

And then in reading other blogs I realise that I can just let it flow, and discover and be here in this community. I have done most of the readings for  module 2, and really enjoyed Sarah Ludwig’s lecture. I like the practical stuff, the nuts and bots of seeing how people are making things work in their workplaces.

A few things resonated. Things I need to seriously plan and incorporate into my work:

Integrating content into LMS – in our case LibGuides into Moodle

We use LibGuides in our academic libraries and they are great. The liaison librarians love using them. I am the administrator for them, and monitor guides for a consistent look and feel. There are sometimes tensions between the librarians and my management about some of the content and ways of using. I realise that I don’t know a lot about our university LMS (we moved to Moodle from Blackboard a year ago) and I really should so that I can work with librarians at integrating content into Moodle, and being where the students are…

Better badging/marketing of our Library resources.

This is not directly my job (but I can check with my colleague who does do this), but important that although we are putting the content/resources where the users are (so in LibGuides and Moodle for example), it’s important that the users know that they are Library resources. Again, being where are users are.

Being present in online communities

Our library has a Library  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Blog and Pinterest accounts.

Our blog, ‘Library News’  is where we post longer information about competitions, programs, events, resources, downtime and trials. A feed of recent posts apears on our Library home page, and in RSS feeds in LibGuides. The posts to Twitter ad Facebook can refer back to these posts but also are places for more informal information and interesting shares about libraries, reading, tech, students etc. Language is different and I don’t want to show a ‘one size fits all’ message on different social media platforms.

My group handles the social media, but the group has changed. My colleague who was helping me out and posting is on maternity leave, and so I am mostly doing this work. I like doing it, I enjoy the writing and the interactions, but realise that I need a team to make sure we do this right, that we are there for our students when I cannot be there and that it is not always my voice. To this end, I am currently writing a proposal so that we have a team that supports our social media.

Sarah (and Kyle also commented on it), “not checking in and responding in social media is like not having anyone on the reference desk”. It is so incredibly important not just to be there responding, but to be having two way conversations, engagement, sharing..

I am very aware of our virtual users, so in a way this module has not been news. We sort of have a mantra in our work area – that our virtual users should not be disadvantaged in any way by not physically being at one of our campus libraries. Sure , the experience may be different, but it should always be the very best experience possible!

This is not the end of module 2 posting, there will be another, but I just wanted to make a start.

Where I live

And to finish for now…as our MOOCers are from all over the world – I wanted to share in each post a photo from around where I live. I live in the capital of Australia, Canberra. Canberra is three hours drive from Sydney, about two hours drive form the east coast of Australia and about two hours drive from the snowfields ( a short snow season though). It’s a beautiful city of about 350,000 and I live about 5 mins drive from  the centre of town, but only 2 minutes from Mt Ainslie where I walk also every day. I walk mainly with my partner Carl, and our two dogs – Memphis and Edie.

Sunrise on the ridge Mt Ainslie March 2012

Sunrise on the ridge
Mt Ainslie March 2012


3 Responses to “I say small steps and then I try for a marathon :(”

  1. 1 Henry

    It’s nice to see a nice photo of Canberra. When I lived in Oz I never did get there, and I had this image that it was pretty bland and soulless …

    • 2 Kate Bunker

      Canberra gets a bad wrap for being soulless, planned, new city. But there is a lot going for it. Access to the great outdoors within a few kms, great food, restaurants, culture. Growing better all the time 🙂

  2. 3 Michael Stephens

    Great post! Will highlight it up top.

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