All kinds of ache


Have had lower back ache of a kind not encountered before. It began with a twinge a few weeks back and I have dutifully ignored it until this week. I think I even stretched to an almost unknown area of my body during balance on Sunday. Hah!

But Monday found me very stiff and sore so I made a physio appointment. Tuesday I saw the physio and after some massage it was feeling better. Physio gave me exercises to do. You know the drill. I’ve been to physio a couple of times over the years for lower back pain, oh, and plantar faciitis!

The joys of an ageing body.

It didn’t feel like it was getting a whole lot better yesterday, but I just thought that that was the effects of the massage, you know, get bad before it gets better.

Anyway the morning I was in agony, so much so I was so very cautious just doing anything. I do take my normally good health so much for granted. Silly sentence really. What are you supposed to do? Not that I have a low threshold to pain, in fact, I think I have quite a high threshold. But it hurt. A lot. I took a double dose of ibuprofen (I know- silly), and went back to bed with two warmed wheat bags. After a sleep and some stretching I have had an OK day – it feels like its getting better, but a way off yet. And a good call from Carl to say take the day off- as I was getting really for work weeping in pain!

I was reminded by Carl that I was saying this morning- “there is nothing worse that back ache”.

And then he mentioned I also say that for toothache.

And childbirth.

Which is all true.

All kinds of ache.

Heartache too.

All necessary.

A side effect of the medication was Virginia Woolf. I chose ‘To the lighthouse’ for my book group ( ext Wednesday). I’ve never read Woolf – and I started the book the other day…what is with the long, incredibly long sentences. Hard going. Turgid at times!!! But I read about half this morning…think the medication helped! Now to get through the other half….may have to read it with wine . But not tonight!

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  1. 1 bookgrrl

    Hope you’re feeling better x

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