Small steps…a digression of sorts


I have yet to write my *considered* post on module 1, but found myself quoting Michael S and Michael C the other day at work after watching the G+ video. The part that resonated from the video was the discussion about ‘libraries as centers for learning’. We do need to be constantly learning, experimenting, playing – it doesn’t end. Lifelong learning. And it’s worrying that some people still don’t get that. I find I need to manage expectations upwards. I have organized and facilitated five separate 23 Things programs at my work and still there is work to do πŸ™‚

I find it so very invigorating and challenging to be part of a discussion about MOOCs and how can libraries can be in this space.

So great to *see* and hear both Michaels. You build up a picture about someone through social media, but sometimes it isn’t the whole pic? For example, I have an online friend who I have often tweeted and FBd with…but until the start of 2013, I had never met that person IRL, and guess what? She had the sweetest, most mellifluous voice, and I wasn’t expecting that, and it was delightful.

I had heard Michael S speak via Skype at an ALIA?/VALA? conference some years back (on 23 things with Warren Cheatham), so had the voice right, but lovely to see you again πŸ™‚

Anyway, a digression.

Now back to my readings and thinkings πŸ™‚



5 Responses to “Small steps…a digression of sorts”

  1. I once met a customer who I had been dealing with over the phone for a couple of years. He took one look at me and said “oh my god, I always thought you were blond”. Umm, gee, thanks – I think πŸ˜‰

    I’m impressed that you run 23things programmes at your workplace, I have had enough trouble getting staff to participate in the Australasian one that is happening at the moment.

    • 2 Kate Bunker

      lol, we are a funny bunch aren’t we?
      Am kind of running out of puff with 23 Things- whihc is quite natural I think, if we have another program I will be getting someone else to facilitate which I take a back seat – well that’s my plan!

  2. 3 Lindsay Davis

    “Lifelong learning. And it’s worrying that some people still don’t get that.” I totally get that! When I was still working at the public library, I was just shocked when a teen asked me why I was smiling in such a boring place. There is just so much to do and can be done at the library, but it also gave me insight into how limited others view the library as a place to go to when there is “nowhere” else. Yes, libraries, are havens, but we really need to get things pumping to show that the library is a place to do things. I agree, there are so many ways to learn new things besides checking out a book to read. After working part-time at a small satellite campus of a community college, I started working full-time this August, and I need to show the students that there is more to the library than coming to see me to check citations. I can’t go crazy since there’s a lot I can’t do without permission, but I can do some things without causing heart attacks at the main college. I was starting to feel a bit bogged down by the political climate between the schools, but the MOOC and posts like yours are giving me hope. Experimenting underway!

  3. 5 Michael Stephens

    Thanks for the kind words! That was VALA. I follow you on Flickr so I feel that we “know” each other as well.

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