Contentment? No more like content


Nothing wrong with the state of contentment – just googled a definition and it came back – a state of happiness and satisfaction….which isn’t quite it- but I am certainly happy and content. Actually, I googled content and I like that better than contentment – content being- in a state of peaceful happiness. I do like the peaceful part of that.


  • spring
  • the garden
  • kids seems settled and happy – Jack has plans for Kathmandu in Dec and Brazil mid next year- both booked. He is loving uni and working hard. Isabel is in her final semester of school. We went to Uni Canberra yesterday to check out the Bachelor Creative Writing- and she was so very excited about it. Still having a gap year next year- but that’s fine…Both have lovely partners and seem genuinely happy.
  • planning and thinking about Bali- in just over a month. A week with five other bookgroup women – how good is that??
  • loving the gym and exercising, walking on the mountain. We took more of a break over winter with walking in the morning, and sometimes it’s nice to take a break and renew that space/time.
  • the house – really enjoying tweaking things around the house. I feel like I have rediscovered certain parts…the front room for instance, using heaps more since we painted a couple of walls and sorted the bookshelves…neither of which should make a  difference? Not sure.
  • Carl and I are just in such a right place (I say this despite yesterday where we were both a little *short* with each other…not that that’s a bad thing! Just letting each other know how we feel…..)
  • cooking and enjoying food
  • reading, am almost finished ‘The Blessing’ by Nancy Mitford, after reading Love in a cold climate…..
  • working with some other Library folk and helping to organize our second Canberra Library Tribe event- a soiree- that we held last Friday – that went really well!
  • planning – for Christmas, holidays, our big holiday next year when Carl and I will take off for 3-4 months overseas!!
  • work- well is should be on the list… is so consuming at times! It’s going OK, up and down, and lots to do. Always busy but there are a few interesting things happening….
  • Starting the hyperlinked MOOC
  • surprising Mum for her birthday tomorrow- she has no idea that Sarah and I will be coming up to Bowral for the day 🙂
  • I have even played the piano a few times recently – I got the music to ‘Nightswimming’….

So not complacent, not self satisfied. Peaceful and happy and that’s a nice place to be… the moment. I am realistic. I know that it’s not a permanent state. But still….


2 Responses to “Contentment? No more like content”

  1. It’s delightful when we are content and it is a good thing that it is not a permanent feeling or we would be complacent.:-)
    Your trip to Bali sounds fantastic. What a great idea for your reading group.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks, Bali preparations have been in the making for a while, and not all ten of us are going, but six of us are 🙂

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