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Having had a super busy week & then a long weekend  is just brilliant. Work is slightly hectic and I am still trying to really work out why….Sometimes I worry that I am not managing my projects properly but then things come up that I just cannot plan for, and part of that is just […]

In Module 2, we will consider tweaking our perception of the library user by focusing on her digital life and the hyperlinked communities she’s a part of. Additionally, we’ll think about how libraries should be addressing hyperlinked communities with the same effort as their face-to-face communities, and think about roles librarians can play in creating and […]

I seem to be at this place where I am reluctant to post because I want to read a bit more, and a bit more, before I post. So I don’t post, and that’s just not getting me anywhere. This will change! From now 🙂 And then in reading other blogs I realise that I […]

Deep breath, deep breath. I was very excited to be starting this MOOC (only my second as such after completing the Google Power Search MOOC last year. I also started a Social Psychology MOOC but abandoned quickly, 10000 participants, I lacked connection with anything, anybody, although the subject matter was very interesting)…and then other things […]

Have had lower back ache of a kind not encountered before. It began with a twinge a few weeks back and I have dutifully ignored it until this week. I think I even stretched to an almost unknown area of my body during balance on Sunday. Hah! But Monday found me very stiff and sore […]

I have yet to write my *considered* post on module 1, but found myself quoting Michael S and Michael C the other day at work after watching the G+ video. The part that resonated from the video was the discussion about ‘libraries as centers for learning’. We do need to be constantly learning, experimenting, playing […]

Nothing wrong with the state of contentment – just googled a definition and it came back – a state of happiness and satisfaction….which isn’t quite it- but I am certainly happy and content. Actually, I googled content and I like that better than contentment – content being- in a state of peaceful happiness. I do […]