Zen garden moments


Another weekend draws to a close. There is a roast in the oven, and a gin and tonic next to me as I type. The chooks are locked in for the night. Jack is out, Izzy is in the bath after working all day, and Carl is on the PlayStation relaxing after spending some productive time today making a door frame for some internal doors he is making.

I’ve had a ticklish sore throat since about Wednesday. It started with an unexpected headache when I got to work on Wednesday and I honestly thought I was coming down with something. Nothing has really happened. the headache went. I still have the sore throat that has mainly gone…and a few sniffles. But deep inside it just meant that I needed to have a quiet weekend. I postponed catching up with a few friends, another lunch appointment Saturday was cancelled and so I knew that I could mainly relax and recharge this weekend.

Haven’t done an awful lot- which is good – you say! But I did weed for a couple of hours yesterday which just got me excited again about spring gardening. Today after riding down to Body Balance and checking out the local nursery for magnolias (for I will buy a magnolia next weekend), I came home and dug over a vegie bed. Mu back is slightly aching now, but it feel good having been out in the garden. The wind is quite ferocious this afternoon, but this morning it was not so fierce. I spent about 45 minutes picking weeds out of gravel. Sounds exciting Kate you say…but it was just wonderful.

Mindful weeding! We have gravel as paths and the recent rain has meant weeds popping up more than usual. I actually don’t mind weeding – there is a certain sense of achievement. But weeding the gravel is a different kind of fun. Today I was almost in some meditative state weeding. The wind chimes were playing, I could hear the chooks scratching around in the background and the wind high in the trees. It was really rather zen and quite lovely.

Now to get the vegies on.

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