Why keep books?


Why keep books?



For me…

  • memory
  • design/inspiration/just looking – I love rereading and taking a book, be it a cook book or an art catalogue or a novel and just opening and reading….for inspiration, somewhere to hang out for a while, to be taken back…
  • gifts – wish I remembered to get friends & family to write in books…one of the few books I have from my childhood is ‘A child’s garden of verses’ illustrated by Brian Wildmsith, by Robert Loius Stevenson. Inscribed by my parents for my eighth birthday.
  • comfort – books like ‘A child’s garden of verses’ are a comfort
  • friends, often

And there is a lot of love in a bookshelf 🙂

I often check out bookshelves in houses. Well I guess, who doesn’t?

Bookshelf in front room after tidying.

Bookshelf in front room after tidying.

Postscript- how weird and timely, this the day after ‘Patti Smith to pay tribute to poems of Robert Louis Stevenson on stage’

Patti Smith and RLS 🙂

5 Responses to “Why keep books?”

  1. I keep books, probably too many books. Occasionally I go through a culling phase, to make more room on the shelves,but then the spaces seem to fill up again.:-)
    I do re read books and one of the disappointing aspects of a cull is that when I go to look for a particular book I remember buying, I don’t remember that I have culled it from my collection! Old age!

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      one of the reasons that I wanted to reshelve the books was because I had recently got a couple of books that I already had!

  2. I still have a copy of The Secret Garden which was a Christmas gift from a family friend when I was 8, and all my Trixie Belden books that I used to buy with my pocket money. They’re like old friends, with whom I have moved house and gone through good times and bad. My shelves desperately need a cull!

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