Desert island


I am a bad person at doing nothing. I can always find something to do… Which is annoying as I often don’t get to do those things that matter. But that’s my problem, and one I need to deal with. I know I can do better in that regard.
A weekend away in Huskisson and surprisingly – or not – I find great amounts of time to reflect, re-energize and just be. I think the ocean, the coast really helps in all of that. There is never a bad time to walk along the beach…that timeless in and out of the water is just one of the best things in the entire world. Any season. Any time of the day or night. The only time i am not so happy doing this is in harsh sun or violent wind. By even wind is energizing and has that lovely affect of blowing away the cobwebs. Not at all easy to replicate living inland I have to say, although rivers, lakes and the occasional puddle just have to do sometime! And then there is the cleansing power of salt water. I think some of my best memories are times when I have gone to bed after being in the ocean all day and at night all I can do is feel like I am still bobbing along in the water, diving in and out of waves.
I am at Huskisson staying with a friend, and even the solitary drive was just a delight. I love a drive by myself when I can play music and sing loudly to my hearts content! On the way down I listened to Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, then Velvet Underground and The Raconteurs (Jack White). The past week I have been listening to quite a few Desert Island Discs podcasts – a weird mix – the John Peel one again (kept as I have listened a couple of times), Martin Sheen, Hugh Laurie, David Attenborough, Julie Burchill, Goldie Hawn- as I said – a weird mix.
And inevitably I think – what would be my desert island discs?
I just anguish over this – but really – although you can think and rethink this over and over again – it’s only going to be my choices at that particular time in my life…things change and I cannot decide!
So what are my choices right now?
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