Favourite time


It doesn’t happen every night. But it happens often. I really enjoy cooking. I love cooking with Carl, having a gin or sharing a pot of tea, and getting dinner together. It’s a great time of the day to talk about the day while preparing a meal.
Today, accompanied by Nick Cave (push the sky away), I made a cauliflower curry while Carl barbecued chicken thighs marinated in vindaloo paste and yoghurt. Served with coriander, yoghurt, pickles and pappadums.
– and leftover cauliflower for lunch tomoz.
Loving seasonal vegies. Have bought a cauli for the last 4-5 weeks and cannot get enough of them!



2 Responses to “Favourite time”

  1. 1 suth2

    I love a good curry.
    On doing things together. . . We have never had a dish washer in our married life and doing the dishes together was our time to share the events of the day. Particularly when our kids were young it was our “debrief” time. Now that we are both retired we do lots of things together as we are no longer working.

  2. 2 bookgrrl

    The kids are at my parents for the week and my husband and I are enjoying getting dinner ready together. This week it’s involving curries and spicy foods that we love and the kids loathe :).

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