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Desert island


I am a bad person at doing nothing. I can always find something to do… Which is annoying as I often don’t get to do those things that matter. But that’s my problem, and one I need to deal with. I know I can do better in that regard. A weekend away in Huskisson and […]



10.15 on a Wednesday night. Zero outside so it will be cold tonight. Recently got new sheets – these are flannelette and Egyptian (yes and all while Egypt implodes) cotton, and the combination makes them silkier, less flannelette-y and just plain luxurious. Night. Night. Sleep tight. Chooks are locked up for the night. Completely forgot […]

Favourite time


It doesn’t happen every night. But it happens often. I really enjoy cooking. I love cooking with Carl, having a gin or sharing a pot of tea, and getting dinner together. It’s a great time of the day to talk about the day while preparing a meal. Today, accompanied by Nick Cave (push the sky […]



Currently experiencing some royal treatment. Izzy is painting my toe nails. She offered. She does at times. Mum. Sit back and I’ll paint your nails. Jack just came in. Got his full license today. The P plates are gone. Izzy pointed out that he can teach her to drive. So feeling blessed. And grateful. And […]