I had them.


I have them!

Is it irony that on the last day of June and I am grabbing the last of the afternoon sun sitting in the front room – that I can’t think of what to write? And I have managed to write every day in June, and this is the last one.


To be fair, some days have been more of a ‘onepiconethought’ post – but that’s OK I think. I have enjoyed this and would – in my usual impetuous, impulsive way -say, “hey I’ll do this all the time”, but we’ll just see…

It’s been fun.

A nice way to look back and say – June has rushed by but it’s been fun (mostly)…some new stuff, a couple of trips away – well Sydney and Huskisson. Family. Friends, and lots of food. I am loving cooking. Some not so wonderful days to be sure, all just part of that rich tapestry 🙂

Have written and posted from my phone 2 days out of 3 I reckon, which has surprised even me…but accounts for some of the briefer posts as well.

My mum once knew a family in UK- with girls named – April, May and June.

I have an Aunty June – my mum’s eldest sister (she is one of five girls).

And now I’m just rambling……

And the sun is almost gone.



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