I blogged about my use of goodheart a couple of years back.

But in case Steph, Tony or Vassiliki or possibly anyone else is wondering….what is in my name?

Catherine – named after my mum’s grandmother (and someone my mum says she dearly loved). Growing up in the 60s and being at school in the 60s and 70s, I was always called Cathy at school. I never wanted to be called Cathy especially, but everyone just naturally shortened my name to Cathy from Catherine – no questions asked! I was never Cathy to my family – close and extended. I have always been Kate, and Catherine if I am in trouble! When I first started work after leaving school I introduced myself as Kate, and so even old friends now who have known me previously as Cathy have been calling me Kate for years. I don’t know but I think with impact of migration and multiculturalism that these days people are more respectful of names. I think it would be easier these days to introduce yourself as Catherine, and when someone said – oh – you mean Cathy – no, I mean Catherine, then Catherine you would be called? I think in the 60s and 70s there was definitely less tolerance for difference!

Ann – middle name of my mother’s mum (who was Gladys Ann Priscilla), so perhaps I have to be glad I didn’t get the Gladys or Priscilla part?

Bunker – never especially liked my surname but I have definitely grown into it. And when I married at 30 it was too late to change. Our children have Carl’s surname and I don’t feel any less connected to them because  of that. In fact, Jack’s middle name is Morgan which is my grandmother (father’s side) maiden name, and Isabel is named after my dad’s secretary when he was a lecturer at Sydney Uni in the 70s/80s. Isabel was then the only Isabel I knew and she was exotic. She wore a fur coat and had bright red nail polish and lipstick.

Eye with colour Behind #ainslieshops

Eye with colour
Behind #ainslieshops

4 Responses to “CAB”

  1. 1 @kalgrl

    TAB *waves*

  2. I love how people connect or don’t connect with their names, and in particular, their nicknames. It’s good to see I am not alone on this. I like the full story of your name too. I rarely use my middle name, and my surname is is another blogpost altogether 🙂

  3. 4 Tony

    My niece is Kate but it’s not a diminutive, she was just named Kate. I think that’s more likely to happen these days. Loved reading the story of your name!

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