Invisible me


Did a round trip to Sydney today. Left at 8am on the bus, arrives in Sydney at 11.30 at Central to go to a meeting/workshop in North Sydney for the afternoon.
I made a point of catching the bus – cheaper, better on the environment, and I had plenty of time to read up for the workshop and do email.
But it was one of those days of invisibility. Not at the workshop – that actually exceeded expectations and I met a bunch of lecturers and professional staff that I haven’t met in person before.
No, I felt kind of invisible – on the bus, catching trains, walking through the city in peak hour. Not part of any community or group as such.
I’ve read a few stores about the invisibility of old age, and I’m being going to wonder if that’s what it is? I guess in terms of reproduction and selection, there is not a lot to be gained in paying any attention to me, or perhaps it’s our society and it’s emphasis on youth, image and looks.
Not sure. Perhaps it’s just because I’m tired….
And Sydney was wet, and smelly, and the trains were really dirty (so perhaps, as an old Sydneysider I am just tired…)


4 Responses to “Invisible me”

  1. 1 bookgrrl


    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Steph- all good. Just the weirdest of feelings…..

  2. Oh, I know that invisible feeling so well. Some days it annoys and angers me or makes me sad. But other days I’m grateful, especially when I can go to the grocery store in my grotty gym clothes after a workout and no one really notices! 🙂

    • 4 strawberriesofintegrity

      that is very true….I usually don’t mind. I guess it also emphasises social mores…..le sigh….

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