Oh. Thor.


Oh Thursday. Some call Wednesday ‘hump day’ which has always seemed a little weird to me.
Me. Thursday can be trouble. I just seemed to have run out of energy. Steam. Puff.
My dad at 83 still goes into Sydney from Bowral every Thursday – trains and busses it to UNSW. He is still researching, writing articles and going to conferences. He used to stay with Jem and Max overnight Thursday and then go back to uni for Friday. Since Jem died he is down to one day at uni. Still active. Still enjoying it all.
Anyway. The reason for this post? I remember Jem saying a couple of times to me that he loved Dad staying over even if Thursday was the day when all their carefully and perhaps not so carefully planned routines and systems all fell over. No food. Untidy messy flat (cleaner came in Friday). Out of puff, steam [altho I think Dad thought that was how they always lived – slightly shambolic and messy].
I feel like that somedays, as we all do.
So I came home this Thursday. Early at 4. Have done a few things around the house and now having a cuppa while Iz makes guacamole for our dinner.
Thinking about Thursdays past.
Knowing we would all give anything to be in a messy flat with no food. Tired and out of steam.
Oh well.
Loving and living is hard and wonderful all at once.
And Thor? Thursday named after Norse God of War – Thor. Also the name of my first dog, who was small and fiesty.
Have a lovely Thursday. Do something wonderful or just enjoy the guacamole. x


2 Responses to “Oh. Thor.”

  1. 1 Peta

    Thursday is trivia night for me. Its great to catch up with our friends over a cheap meal and drink and then spend a couple of hours answering silly questions and having a laugh

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