If this, then that


Love it.

IFTTT = If this, then that.

I read about this earlier in the year – 10 ways to automate your life using IFTTT and then again 10 Ways to Use IFTTT To Automate Your Social Media Branding more recently.

So I made a couple of recipes (the analogy works for me, I love cooking!) using IFTTT.

Snap 2013-06-05 at 14.26.37

Does anyone else use IFTTT?

And like any good recipe book- heaps of recipes and variations to browse/search.

PS. It’s World Environment Day – and that’s what I did want to post about, but I feel too angry and cranky and sad about the world today – so will save that one for a more positive mindset!


2 Responses to “If this, then that”

  1. 1 Peta

    I have cooked up a few recipes.

    If Blogger then tweet with #blogjune 🙂
    If WordPress then tweet with #traveltweet
    If photo on FB then post to FLICKR
    If GMAIL message from certain address, then save to EVernote with tag “receipt”
    If RSS (GREADER) tagged with LI then post to LINKEDIN updates
    If RSS (GREADER) tagged with diigo then post to DIIGO

    Those last two are about to die along with Google Reader. They were great for me to quickly share interesting posts that popped up in my feeds.
    I might have to look if Netvibes is a channel.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      Thanks Peta- I know you love to cook also 🙂

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