Carl and I had bets on the way home how full the rainwater tank would be.

You see in almost four years our tank has never been empty…except for the last week or so. Our 10,000 litre tank supplies water to the two toilets, the washing machine and the taps in the garden. It has never been empty until now, but we have had a long dry spell, with no real rain since January this year.

It rained all Saturday evening and Sunday morning at the coast…2 1/2 hours away from Canberra. Isabel said it had rained all day Saturday in Canberra, but often Canberra rain is fickle and light. Canberra seems often to be in a rain shadow. Clouds build up around the hills, and then disperse just when they get over us! Frustrating.

But we just got home, and both raced out to check the tank. I was hoping that it would half full (half glass full kinda gal?). Carl was being slightly pessimistic and thought it might be a fifth full.



And obviously it had gone through the overflow pipe/part as well.



Oh – and I may just be full of chocolate as well. Ate a dozen (or so – I really wasn’t counting) Lindt balls over the weekend as well.

All in all.

Full. And a lovely weekend away. Full in lots of ways.

3 Responses to “Full”

  1. 1 suth2

    We used to live in Bywong and relied totally on rain water. In the sixteen years we lived there we didn’t run out of water but we had a massive tank that provided all our water. Sometimes it go very low but we managed. We learnt to use our water sparingly!
    Glad to hear your tank was full.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      And it’s amazing that a 10,000 litre tank was filled- seemingly overnight. Having the tank has made me think a lot more about water usage (and how much we waste!)

  2. Thy cup.. i mean thy tank … runneth over!
    Yay! 🙂

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