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I had them. Words. I have them! Is it irony that on the last day of June and I am grabbing the last of the afternoon sun sitting in the front room – that I can’t think of what to write? And I have managed to write every day in June, and this is the […]

3 Gens


Have had a delightful weekend so far. Mum and dad are staying with us & it’s been brill. Last night ten of us had dinner at a local fave restaurant. Today it was a misty ‘Bowral’ day. Lovely winter. Clear boughs. A little gentle rain. Mild. Contemplative. Perfect parent weather. The usual Saturday markets seeking […]

And. And.


I want to say I want to blog. But my parents are down for the weekend. Lovely meal out. No time to…. And. And.



I did a yoga retreat a while back. Lots of things made sense. Resonated. Catherine – my teacher – said at one stage – ‘be deliberate’. So when you are going from a lunge back to two feet together – being your foot through and place it deliberately, not hard or noisily. But deliberately. Carefully. […]

Cop out


Exhausting evening. Twitter and ABC TV just step up. Not going to write anything about the #spill – just sad for ALP & politics in general. Julia. You did some great things.



Interesting mixed up day today. Variety and things to think about. Work & an unexpected meeting in the morning, lunch out with a friend, the VC was on campus for his twice yearly staff talk, then….escape! Met Carl in Civic and saw….Fast & Furious 6. I have seen a couple of F&F movies but couldn’t […]



Mushroom Tomato Eggplant Red capsicum Carrot Zucchini Six ingredients. Roasted. And we feasted like kings.