Connected. Distracted. Connected.


I love the latest issue of Meanjin. Lots about Canberra. I intend buying the hard copy to keep (and hold) and move and eventually dust around I guess. [Lots of conversation recently about reading – in paper and online, but that’s for another post].

I liked this article – This connected life# – because it kind of describes my distracted, connected, darting self. I am annoyed that I’m not reading half as much as I used to…these days it’s a struggle to get through my bookgroup book and that’s one book a month. I used to easily read a couple of books a week. Easy. Now I go to bed to read and find myself checking, checking email, checking Instagram, checking Twitter, checking my feeds, there is just so much to check, and read, and skim, and not read….And podcasts have sort of taken over also, as they are a great alternative when I feel a little too tired to read, but again…the reading suffers!

And we are a bit like that at home just now. We all tap away at our various devices in the evening (be they iPad, phones, TV, laptops, Playstation). And sometimes we are all tapping away in different rooms!! Not connecting with each other. Connecting to others. All in our own worlds. This situation has been exacerbated in the last few weeks. Carl has been working long hours with a 50th anniversary of the Phytotron, Jack has had two weeks uni holidays then a week of exams, Isabel has been finishing up assessment, and is now on holidays, and I am just distracted around the edges and being slightly disillusioned with work. Isabel has been complaining that she never sees Jack, we haven’t had a meal all together for weeks as Jack’s exams this last week have all been at night. What’s going on??

So….here I am on the laptop, Sunday afternoon….it’s getting cool after a wonderful autumn day. And I’m trying to connect and be a bit more mindful about this all…how? Outside on the deck, both dogs at my feet. Carl is polishing shoes (cowboy boots, three pairs of Docs and my black boots), the chiminea is alight and giving warmth. The parrots are shredding the seeds on the Chinese elm.

Yesterday I made an almond, raspberry chocolate cake. I made a pot of tea and got everyone out of their separate rooms. We had a piece of cake and a cup of tea. Together! Stuff like that is important.

all good.

# I realise that you won’t see all of this article unless you get the print or read online through your uni access (and we don’t even have this issue online yet through Informit)!!

Bit rushed this post…but the fire beckons!

2 Responses to “Connected. Distracted. Connected.”

  1. 1 Penny

    Keeping the balance is difficult. It’s possible we’re forging new neural pathways with our connectedness habits.

  2. So true that we are all connecting but on different machines and often in different rooms and spaces but we now also have added connectedness via things such as Skype where we can connect visually where previously we couldn’t. As Penny says, finding the balance is the important thing.

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