Mindful …about the white poison


Well I have heard it call the white poison, sugar that is.

Was a book group this week. We were talking about Mitch Albom’s new book – ‘The time keeper’. I am not a huge fan…I read ‘The five people you must meet in heaven’ and didn’t enjoy it. And I didn’t like this new one either – he is a little too simplistic, obvious and, as Rosy from bookgroup said ‘preachy’. But even a bad book has its moments. Ele (another bookgroup gal) talked about the notion of ‘being mindful’, and this book does do that – makes you stop and think about time, the passage of time and why are we also so time poor.

And that got me thinking about where I am trying to go at the moment with food and eating. I am trying to be more mindful…really watching my intake of sugar, and of alcohol.

So since Monday (it’s now Sunday afternoon) – I have had three lots of sugar…

  • some sugar in some sticky chicken wings I made on Tuesday – you cannot make sticky chicken wings without some type of sugar or honey
  • six shell chocolates – these I did savour – a small box of chocs that Carl gave me last weekend…
  • a tahini ball – that had honey, dried fruit in it – made by a friend and again, really savoured!!

And alcohol, well

  • two gin and tonics on Friday evening
  • a gin and tonic and half a bottle of fizzy Pinot Noir on Saturday evening

all ingested with much mindfulness….

My next sugar hit may well be a small slice of orange creme brulee tart from Silo. This may be my mindful indulgence later this evening or tomorrow. For you see Jack’s girlfriend, the lovely Christina – works at Silo on Saturdays and often brings the most delicious bags of treats!

Not at ALL sure where this will go…but it’s kinda fun at the moment.



2 Responses to “Mindful …about the white poison”

  1. 1 Patrice

    Hi Kate, I read “Sweet Poison” in May this year (2012) and it completely changed my life .. Since mid June I have no sugar at all or added sugar in anything except a piece of fruit (sucrose and fibre) or two a day (which i look forward to) and a third of a teaspoon of honey on my porridge every morning, I do not have any wheat products at all..substitute pasta with rice pasta, but limit carbs, and have high protein..lots of legumes, eggs and fresh veges) and no alcohol, wasn’t a biggie for me, hadn’t had alcohol for a long time, drink only herbal teas and a coffee a day (with natvia natural sweetener in it)..has changed my life..had blood tests recently and they were brilliant, better than they were 10 years ago…my energy levels are increasing, and stress levels decreasing (though i still have my days) and that was my main objective..
    Keep going, it will make you feel brilliant! x

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      I’m still eating wheat- but I’ve cut down quite a lot. No sugar in any hot drinks so that’s OK and it’s just easy to say no- than have a little (I am hopeless at a buffet…can’t stop at one peice of blue cheese!). Just reserved Sweet Poison from the ACT Library – so thanks.

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