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Love this – From the Atlantic, ‘What kind of book reader are you – a diagnostics guide’. There is the one list – you have to read it all, and then an update – because of course there are stacks of different readers…..again- read it all…. Well as usual – I confess to being a […]

I went to a one hour videoconference at work last week on ‘Resilience in change’ run by a clinical psychologist . (my notes) If change is so normal, why is it so hard? unexpected outcomes challenges values, ideals, expectations, skills fear of the unknown fear of leaving what you know, the habit fear of being […]

Well I have heard it call the white poison, sugar that is. Was a book group this week. We were talking about Mitch Albom’s new book – ‘The time keeper’. I am not a huge fan…I read ‘The five people you must meet in heaven’ and didn’t enjoy it. And I didn’t like this new one […]