Raleigh to the rescue


Found out about this video through a weekly newsletter I get through Brain Pickings.

A couple of things:

I have a Raleigh – made in England. I got it in Year 9 to ride from Dickson to Campbell High School. It was new and I remember it was the first big present that I ever received.

I haven’t ridden my red Raleigh for quite a while, probably for 20 years? In the meantime I have had a series of second-hand bikes and more recently a silver Raleigh – although made in China and a ‘cheapie’ (as my mum would say). But it gets me to work and down to Dickson and Ainslie and to the gym and around the lake occasionally.

Carl has completely pulled apart my old Raleigh and this week I will again receive the red Raleigh for my birthday – 35 years later!! We decided not to get the bike repainted or rechromed, but taken back to original, completely pulled apart and cleaned – and new tyres, a seat, cables and a basket. I cannot wait to see it!!

another thing – I worked for the British Council (the video above is from the British Council) when I was living in London for a while in 1985. I used to arrange itineraries for visiting African academics who were over to study. Really interesting job. I met many lovely, often homesick African academics who were very appreciative of a detailed itinerary to get them to some far-flung uni in England.

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