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Jack White: swagger with substance┬áBernard Zeul’s review in SMH setlist from 26 July Hordern Pavillion things I liked about our roadtrip to see Jack White the drive up – rush after work and school – into the prospect of a delay near Mittagong because of a car accident – road was queued for 9km, but […]

Stuff makes us sad That striving to have it all, and it still makes you miserable….And that’s why I like recycling, re-using, having a story behind some of the stuff we do. Just a short article. I have read research saying that you get a *high* when you buy things, which then goes pretty quickly. […]

Found out about this video through a weekly newsletter I get through Brain Pickings. A couple of things: I have a Raleigh – made in England. I got it in Year 9 to ride from Dickson to Campbell High School. It was new and I remember it was the first big present that I ever […]

From a Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette Dress like a librarian game Fun, silly. Reminded me of the drawings I used to do as a child. Usually a glamorous woman with some sort of ball dress & hair swept back. And I loved those cut out dolls where you used to add clothes with the paper […]